Delivery Of 40 Oog Trucks Of Steel Pipes To Germany

Route: from Zalau Romania to Kassel, Germany Industry tag: Steel & Stainless Project Highlights: SHL had been awarded the contract for delivering long pipes from Zalau to Kassel. The pipes were bundled in 22 meter long units of 22 tons each. The project counted 40 oversize trucks. TAPM helped us tackle the short notice advising time, while our […]

Delivery Of 8 Milk Tanks For A Diary Factory In Romania

Route: from Niort, France to Brasov, Romania Industry: Food & Beverage Project Highlights: The project scope was the delivery of 8 milk tanks from Niort, France to a new built factory in Brasov, Romania. Each tank was 4 meter high, 4.20 meter wide and 9 meter long, weighing 15 tons. Project was done in the time box set by […]

Delivery Of 34 Wine Tanks In Armenia

Route: from Bulgaria, Plovdiv to Armenia, Yerevan Industry: Food & Beverage Project Highlights: Schnell Heavy Logistics’ team have been awarded to deliver 36 tanks for a new production line of a wine factory in Armenia. Project was completed in due time overcoming all challenges.

Multimodal Transport Of 5 Heat Exchangers For A Diary In Carhaix, France

Route: from Plovdiv, Bulgaria to Carhaix, France Industry: Food & Beverage Project Highlights: The project scope was to deliver 5 heat exchangers of 26,6 meters long and 5,26 m in diameter from Bulgaria to France. It was a very interesting and challenging project in terms of road transportation in both Bulgaria and France. Click to watch video

Oog Transports To Constanta Port

Route: from Bistrita, Romania to Constanta Port, Romania Industry: Energy & Renewable Project Highlights: The project scope was to deliver in Constanta port 5 diffusers. Each transport required  out of gauge trucks. With an agile mindset, always ready to face last minute changes, our project team delivered the requested transport units with precision. Based on industry standard best […]

Delivery Of 3 Transformers To Estonia

Route: from Tápiószele, Hungary to Tapa, Estonia Industry: Energy & Renewable Project Highlights: Schnell Heavy Logistics was nominated to transport 3 power transformers units to Estonia. The weight of the transformers ranged from 45 tons to 55 tons. The special trailers used in transportation of these transformers was part of our own equipments. The transport was done by road […]

Delivery Of 2 Transformers For Siemens

Route: from Zagreb, Croatia to Enakievo, Ukraine Industry: Energy & Renewable Project Highlights: The project scope was to deliver 2 transformers for Siemens project in Enakievo, Ukraine. The transportation was made via direct trucking. Transparency and excellent collaboration between our project team and client, made possible the completion of transports in the initial time frame required.

Moving Wind Turbines From Germany To Moldovia

Route: from Flensburg, Germany to Edinet, Moldovia Industry: Energy & Renewable Project Highlights: SHL was contracted to deliver 3 windmills from Flensburg, Northern Germany through Poland and Ukraine to Moldovia.  The challenge wasn’t the length of the blades or the weight of the wind turbines, it was the infrastructure. Despite the problems and challenges our project team have […]

Rig Move From Romania To Ukraine

Route: from Bacau, Romania to Ukraine Industry: Oil & Gas Project Highlights: The project scope was the transport of a drilling rig from Romania to Ukraine. The packing list demanded 15 special trailers for OOG cargo and 20 FTL trucks with auxiliary components. The time frame required a flexible and rapid approach of the project.

Delivery Of 5 Cryogenic Tanks From Germany To Romania

Route: from Leipzig, Germany to Prahova, Romania Industry: Petrochemical Project Highlights: The project scope was to deliver 5 cryogenic tanks from Germany to Romania. Project was successfully completed, all the clients demands were strictly met, moreover the project was done in the time frame set by our client, while the transport of each tank was carefully executed.