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Sectors we specialize in


The term steel refers to an entire family of materials consisting of various grades and alloys. Steel grades are based primarily on overall carbon content while alloys are the result of mixing additional materials to infuse the resulting steel with various desired properties. An example of this is the addition of nickel which produces stainless steel. The global steel industry has been going through major changes since 20th century. Nowadays steel materials are delivered all over the world overcoming any border for the same reason SHL developed logistics expertise skills outside Europe.
• Plates
• Pipes
• Furnaces


The food and beverage industry has its season peek during summer, while the preparation for customer demand it’s done in advance. Schnell Heavy Logistics brings at the table the experience gained in tank and different size processing equipment deliveries for projects in France, Germany or Russia.
• Beer tanks
• Wine tanks
• Processing equipment
• Silos


Without the Power Industry, no other industrial sectors could exist, making the industry the largest in the world in terms of the number and value of projects and facilities. As developing economies continue expanding their power bases to meet increasing demand, the number of Power Industry projects across the world is continually increasing. SHL team brings you the expertise in transporting transformers and other heavy power components. For this industry we have completed demanding transport projects, that required special attention in planning, preparation and execution.
• Windmills
• Hydro power equipment
• Transformers


The Oil and Gas sector includes the oil and gas extraction industry as well as petroleum refining. In this industry, everyone knows that time is money. Schnell Heavy Logistics appreciates that equation and we design logistic tools that not only improve delivery times but also increase safety and transparency of your transport project services. This industry demands flexible and dynamic approaches for both the terrain and project calendar bring up challenges that can not be solved other way.
• Rig Moves
• Decommissioning
• Gas compressors
• Refinery accessories


This industry and the products it makes play an enormous role in our daily lives. We can’t imagine our lives without gasoline, cosmetics, fertilizers, detergents, synthetic fabrics, asphalt, and plastics. All of these products, and many more, are made from petrochemicals—chemicals derived from petroleum or natural gas. Today petrochemical industry continues to be impacted by the globalization and integration of the world economy, the reason why we are coming with new and innovative logistics approaches and solutions.
• Pressure vessels
• Recovering plants
• Cryogenic tanks


Demands on construction equipment are increasing fast. As ever, it starts with the needs of the end user. For many of them, major construction equipment represents a huge investment. Schnell Heavy Logistics respects customer’s investment by finding the best transport equipment to meet strict requirements for safety, while lower delivery costs.
• Asphalt plants
• Concrete beams
• Diggers, loaders & stone crushers


The logistics challenges in different industries are unique and complex, and the way in which these companies deal with these challenges could help cut costs, or erode their profits. Transport solutions for the various industries require customized solutions and high performance to ensure safe and cost efficient transports. Schnell Heavy Logistics brings a collaborative approach and proven delivery capabilities with a specialized fleet of equipment that cover all industrial machineries.
• Agricultural machinery
• Mining/ Extraction
• Cranes
• Excavators

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